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Poem From Writing Group

February 19, 2019

I've taken up with a writing group in Dublin titled Inkslingers who meet every Saturday in The Irish Writers Centre, Parnell Square, Dublin.


Each week they write for thirty minutes to either a written or visual prompt drawn at random from a bag.


Here's a poem I wrote off the cuff a couple of weeks back to a postcard of Manhattan:


I'll take Manhattan

Though where is Staten Island?

That place features in a song

Though it fiddles in the slot of runner-up

The name I enjoy - Staten

It's as though it were a State, but grander

And so I'll accept it in preference to its city neighbour.

On second thoughts, may I take both?


Give me Ellis while we're at it

A relative or more passed through there

Does that not entitle one to stake a claim?


The miners of '49 worked this way

Wherever their picks struck soil

Marked their parcel of range


I'll chance it in the same manner

A tour of those NY isles and the boroughs too

In each I shall holler aloud -

I am the Lord of all I survey

and yell Eureka upon the unearthing of metropolitan gold.






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